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Having a robust configuration management database is a core requirement for effective tracking IT assets, and understanding the impact of changes. For each configuration item (CI), tracking and reporting of technical attributes, ownership attributes, supplier and contractual attributes and relationship attributes allows IT managers to make rapid decisions based on a single consolidated view.

Enlighta makes it easy to track configuration items and their relationships, providing a visual CMDB browsing capability for easy search and visual impact analysis. Input to the CMDB can be from external asset discovery tools, Enlighta's discovery module, MS-Excel spreadsheets and online entry. The CMDB attributes can be adapted for client specific needs, and new categories can be added as needed.


Implementing a CMDB is made simple and auditable with Enlighta.

Some of the world's best IT services providers use Enlighta - suggest you give it a whirl. Register here to set up Enlighta for your organization, or to access a demo site, click here.


 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services