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ITIL enablement across global providers within 14 weeks. Immediate ROI on deployment.

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Without automated discovery, it is difficult for IT managers to maintain a current inventory of assets in the CMDB leading to inconsistencies and missing assets over time, which in turn leads to ineffective planning, ineffective control and contract administration challenges.

Enlighta embeds a best-of-breed automated discovery capability that is a high performance solution that can scale to 1M+ assets and is integrated with Enlighta CMDB for automated data upload, and data reconciliation. The discovery tool uses multiple types of network scans to detect devices on the network, and then uses SNMP scans to retrieve information from the network devices.


Automated discovery of assets makes it easier for IT managers to collect asset information, and keep the CMD.

Some of the world's best IT services providers use Enlighta - suggest you give it a whirl. Register here to set up Enlighta for your organization, or to access a demo site, click here.


 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services