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ITIL enablement across global providers within 14 weeks. Immediate ROI on deployment.

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While most enterprises have similar requirements, they are not quite identical, and the ability for configurators to adapt the application entities, forms and application interface "on the fly" is important to address evolving client or business requirements, new data feed or validation rules.

Enlighta’s platform is architected based on a "object-based" metadata model that is highly adaptable by application analysts. It enables addition or extension of existing application entities and their associations (such as Incident, Project), and addition or modification of fields, entity constraints, validation and form and field dependency rules, form layout and user-role based show/hide rules for specific sections or fields.



The speed and cost at which solutions can be implemented and evolved makes a big impact to the return on investment and business stakeholder satisfaction; Enlighta solution adaptability is unmatched.

Some of the world's best IT services and F500 enterprises providers use Enlighta - suggest you give it a whirl. Register here to set up Enlighta for your organization, or to access a demo site, click here.



 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services