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ITIL enablement across global providers within 14 weeks. Immediate ROI on deployment.

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When faced with data from multiple sources as well as help-desk, service-desk, project tracking, quality management, monitoring tools, financial systems and more – it is difficult for executives and managers to have meaningful insight into performance across multiple dimensions. If the volume of data is large (as is for most enterprises), the challenge is compounded, as unlike most BI solutions, the need is for real-time visibility.

Enlighta makes it simple for users to define executive-level, operational and financial metrics using intuitive wizards. Metrics can be multi-level and derived from other base metrics, and support aggregation across multiple dimensions (business unit, region, supplier, category, etc.) and across time (annual, quarterly, monthly, etc.).


Enlighta platform provides a robust metrics capability that is highly scalable, and flexible allowing for pre-defined and custom functions and multi-dimensional real-time drill-down.

Some of the world's best IT services and F500 enterprises providers use Enlighta - suggest you give it a whirl. Register here to set up Enlighta for your organization, or to access a demo site, click here.


 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services