Governance of Global Contact Centers

You have multiple contact centers for customer support, product support, telemarketing and sales in locations such as Costa Rica, India, Hungary, Penang, Toronto and Salt Lake City.

At the operational level, your tracking of performance to daily and weekly busines goals, management of operational issues, and aggregation of dozens of operational metrics across agents, sites, regions, service lines, vendors is critical to your success. Lack of automation, consistency, and timezone coordination challenges make it very difficult for you to get the level of insight for effective global operations.

At the strategy and executive level, your understanding of which suppliers and locations to use for new services, to expand or terminate operations, track actual savings to expected savings and spend to budget is essential, though far from easy to get right.


Enlighta enables effective governance of outsourced contact centers services by providing a holistic role-based web solution for:

  • Operations performance management - - Measurement, analytics and reporting of metrics such as call volumes, avg. talk and hold times across service lines and supplier locations.
  • Business performance management - Measurement, analytics and reporting of business performance metrics such as daily sales volume, variance from targets, support calls closed, across service lines and supplier locations.
  • Service level management - Vendor performance scorecards to report compliance to contractual service levels.
  • Financials management - Rate cards and consumption levels, service credit calculation and earnbacks, invoice validation and dispute resolution processes.
  • Change management - Tracking and automation of script changes and process changes.
  • Relationship management - Issue management and escalation, satisfaction survey analytics, innovation tracking and rewards management.

Who Benefits?

Primarily contact center management executives and sourcing managers responsible for leveraging and governing services delivery from global contact centers.

Source of Data

Vendor delivery managers can easily upload weekly and monthly resource onboarding, offboarding, training, attrition, performance metrics from spreadsheets.

Enlighta Web-Services API makes it easy to integrate with existing ACD tools such as Avaya and CRM application such as Oracle (Siebel) typically used by the contact centers.


  • Reduced Cost
    • »»  Automated management reporting and analytics for decision support
    • »»  Improved tracking of service credits and financials
    • »»  Improved sourcing decisions on contract renewals
  • Improved Services Delivery
    • »»  Improved quality of services delivery
    • »»  Fewer escalations due to unhandled issues
    • »»  Reduced friction between internal and external service groups
    • »»  Improved compliance to governance processes


 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services