Rapid Adaptability - Our Secret Sauce

Rapid Adaptability

What makes Enlighta unique is the extent of adaptability that is supported for Business Analysts, with nothing more than access to a Web Browser.

Create/Update Application Modules

Say, you need to track Risk, and Risk Mitigation Activities, and your Enlighta application did not have this capability - worry not, a business analyst can extend the application dynamically.

Create/Update Application Data Elements

Now, after deploying this new Risk module, you would like to add a data element, Risk Impact, an analyst can extend the application dynamically to add the data element and valid values such as "High", "Medium", "Low" for the same.

Create/Update User Roles and Groups

In your organization, you have a Risk Manager role, who is responsible for managing Risk and tracking the status of risk mitigation. A business analyst can create a Risk Manager role, and assign the Risk Management module to this role.

Create/Update Workflow Processes

A business analyst can now model the estimation, approval, assignment, quality assurance and acceptance process steps to automate the Risk Mitigation Plan Activities.

Create/Update Workflow Notification Alerts

Alerts for Escalations, Reminders, Approval Requests and Status changes can be modeled by a business analyst for process steps. The format of the notifications can be modeled using templates.

Create/Update Metrics

A business analyst can create metrics such as "Weighted Risk" that is a sum of Weighted risk that is aggregated monthly and weekly by Category, Service and Business Unit.

Create/Update Thresholds and Service Levels

To alert senior management on the aggregate risk exceeding a threshold, an analyst can establish minimum and target thresholds by category and service.

Create/Update Ad Hoc Reports

A business analyst can create ad hoc reports such as Open Risk Items by Category, Risk Mitigation Activities by Owner that can be tabular, graph, timeline or other types of reports.

Create/Update Dashboards

A business analyst can create one or more dashboards and allocate multiple reports to the same. These dashboards can be assigned to roles; for example a business analyst can create a "Risk Summary" dashboard for the Risk Manager.

Create/Update Services and Service Request Forms

A business analyst can model additional service request forms, such as a new service request "New Risk Item" form.

Create/Update Organizations, Vendors and Customers

New organizations, vendors or customers can be easily on-boarded, with associated contracts, contacts, roles and users.

Create/Update Business Rules

A business analyst can establish rules such as triggers or validation rules. For example, a business rule to reassign a Risk Mitigation Activity to the manager in case of termination of employment.

Create/Update Access Control

A business analyst can establish access control based on roles, organizations, user groups. For example, only a Risk Manager should be able to create a Risk Item, only the person assigned-to a Risk Mitigation Activity should be able to mark it as completed.


 Enlighta has proven to be a powerful solution for enabling efficient outsourcing governance. The support provided both during and since implementation has been outstanding. 

Project Manager, F100 Financial Services